Muppets Inside

Puzzle 1996 Windows Starwave Humorous

Collection of puzzles featuring character from the Muppets

Muppets Inside offers you a lot of different puzzles to choose from, tile arranging, alignment puzzles, a few puzzles that are more innovative and a few others that are stylized versions of game interactions. The game has two portions, in terms of what you get for completing the puzzles. On one hand you get to hear the Muppets story, and then you get different videos of the era in which the certain Muppet puppets were taken from. At any rate, you do not have to concern yourself with this portion of the game, you can pretty simply play each puzzle you want, almost at any time. The best puzzles are the ones that offer you The Incredible Machine like elements, which you have to arrange so that a certain action can happen/kick in. At any rate, with graphic stiles that range from animated plasticine to running through computer animated like environments, with the bit of kitsch that ensues, you are at least bound to get enough variety. So, if you are a Muppets fan, you should definitely try this one out, it is varied, sufficiently well made and altogether very fun.

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