Hollywood Mogul

Puzzle 1997 Windows Hollywood Mogul Company Education Design Tool

Classical management theme

It is a puzzle based management game which has a conventional theme for this category but has been implemented with a lot of details and dynamics that have not been seen with other games of the same theme. The theme of the game is that you will have a movie studio to run and have to cater all the factors that are involved in movie making and doing business in this world. You can either start by buying a script of some novel or buying the script of someone else. Similarly you can write you own script for the film. The game is text based and won't give you any motion sequences but the elements that are involved are very diverse. From casting to post production and from post production to production, you will need to address all the issues to ensure that you meet your budget and produce a good film. You also have to take care of the dynamics of the studio. The graphics in the game are simple as expected with a text base game but the user interface is very interactive. Some of the puzzles are really tough but are still logical. The game is overall rich in its elements and provides a lot of fun to the gamer. AT Robot is another recommended game in this genre.

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