Nickelodeon Directors Lab

Puzzle 1994 Dos Viacom New Media Education Design Tool

Movie making 101!

With Nickelodeon Directors Lab your task is to take a movie from the very first moments you contact them, to the end, the editing room and forward from there. So, all in all, Nickelodeon Directors Lab is a cool sort of movie production game, puzzle like, but also an economic sim about the business of movie making. So, it has the following portions: the sound lab, where movies get their audio tracks set, plus get their audio effects figured. Also, Nickelodeon Directors Lab there is the music lab, where movies get scored, the video suite where video editing and video effects are added, the graphics studio, where the additional graphics and posters are made and then it's off to the title editor. This is where you choose how to name of your movie. It might feel a bit weird to select the movie name at the end, but it kind of makes sense: you'll be naming the movie depending on where it gets played. And, finally, your movie has to go to the director lab, where the final cut is produced. Now, you can visit these areas in any order you want; each areas is set as an independent puzzle, so you have a whole lot of different puzzles to play. A similar game is also Hollywood Mogul, that is more of an economic sim, but together they are really cool games about the movie business worth looking into.

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