Dinosaur Safari

Puzzle 1994 Dos Mindscape Education Design Tool

Adventure/puzzler with dinosaurs

Dinosaur Safari, as the name suggests, will allow you to visit dinosaurs in their natural habitat, or, rather, what the producers thought their habitat might have looked like. In terms of interaction with the game, Dinosaur Safari feels like an adventure, though at times you might not feel as if you are in a game, but rather in a multimedia presentation. Therefore, the game is a cool combination of edutainment, though rather shallow, with a few interesting puzzles brought forth to keep you from becoming too bored. The game, graphically, looks OK, with static backgrounds and animated dinos, but noting too fancy. For a 94 released game it looks not at its best, and the graphic engine is probably keeping this one at bay a bit too much. At any rate, if you liked classics such as Myst, you might enjoy the brand of interactivity this game/suite has to offer. Make sure however you are interested in dinosaurs and that you will not mind puzzles that seem a little out of context at times. Dinosaur Safari is definitely an ok game, but it is not for everyone, that is certain.

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