Dr. Floyd's Desktop Games

Puzzle 1993 Dos MicroProse Education Design Tool

Another reason to fire up Win 3.1!

This collection of desktop games will have you scourging through your basement for your old timey IBM compatible unless you are privy to a little secret I am willing to share with you... you see Win3.1 actually works under a DosBox installation, and not only that, but it can be tweaked to run faster, smoother and easier than ever. Figure it out, as I don't have time to tutor you on how to do it, but if you endeavor to such a project know that Dr. Floyd's Desktop Games is a nice idea of a game collection to supplement the included Win 3.1 Solitaire! What it is, is a collection of minigames, some of which actually behave as applets, the desktop apps that would later on come to be sold as innovations on the Windows 7 or the Vista OS, which, as you'll see were not such alien technology back in the 1990s. So, now for the games, there might be a few that are worth a visit, maybe the puzzler Cryptogram and the Wallop and Pentomino puzzly adventure, but otherwise, teh rest are not amongst the classics of MicroProse. So, if you want to forfeit a day trying to source old timey floppies, trying to figure out old tech running on new tech and all of that jazz, go for California Games, a bundle that will work without the need for extra fiddling (though not as desktop applets, though I suspect you can forfeit that with your oldschool entertainment!).

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