Rock & Bach Studio

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Music making toolset; a bit gnarly!

Rock & Bach Studio is not a very serious music making toolset; while it's not a bad joke of a program, it's also no way near being something that will offer you enough to call it professional, or, at the very least semi professional. So here's the gist of it: it wants to teach you music, and it thinks that allowing you to arrange Bach's music with some modern rock beats to give it an edge. With that in mind, you can create your multi-track songs in any genre; it doesn't really collaborate well with external music resources, but if you are ingenious, you could potentially link it to a keyboard, and make music creation a little easier. However, Rock & Bach Studio is more of an edutainment that is good enough to learn a few basics about music notation and multi track recording. Graphically, it's alright, cleaner than expected, but without serious options available it will kind of let you down... rather download Morton Subotnick's Making Music, much more serious, overall, semipro in build.

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