Hotel Giant

Simulation 2002 Windows Akella Trade or management Strategy

Hotel managment game

This game is a classic hotel tycoon games, one of the best ever released. It has many elements that will keep you busy for some amount of time and will make you think like a manager. You start with an empty hotel and your job is to build all the facilities you can offer to your customers, such as restaurants, arcades, conference rooms, spas and, of course, rooms. The game offers you the liberty of letting you build these facilities in what fashion you want, offering no restrictions to your imaginations. Building the chambers for your facilities is quite easy and people who played The Sims, might find it familiar. After completing the building part, the managing part begins, as customers come to your hotel and it's best if you look after their needs. If most of the needs of your customers are fulfilled, then you can get a good rating for your hotel. Looking at a customer's preferences, you can take notes on how to improve your hotel. The customers even have thoughts about your hotel, which are also important for marketing purpose.

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