Prison Tycoon

Simulation 2005 Windows ValuSoft Trade or management Tycoon style

A riot (sic!) of a tycoon game

If you craved some well hardened cartoon felons to manage, well this is it. This is what it has come to! It's been a technological developmental ride which ValuSoft have found nothing better to do with than to create a manager of a prison. What you will be doing is creating the actual prison spaces, making sure the plumbing is set, that the other needs of the inmates are taken care of and negotiating your way out of hairpin situations, riots and so forth. It's an educative game to the extent that any economy based game is, and in the realm of simulators, management and tycoon type experiences it sure finds a good, well earned spot. Graphically it sure looks nice, too colorful I'd say, after all it's about prison, but well, I guess romanticizing the experience is well within tycoon territory. Also, give the other games in the series a go, as they expand the realm of what you can dabble into while keeping the same graphical outlook and mechanics intact. This first title also manages to be a title that dabbed into prison management for the first time, so you should see it for the opening of the roads that it did and for comparison with later titles.

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