Industry Giant

Simulation 1997 Windows Byte & Brothers Business Simulation strategy

Woo woo!

If ever a game comes out which is highly successful, there's no doubt that imitators will shortly follow in its footsteps. Industry Giant is one such game, and launched following the huge popularity of Transport Tycoon, a title with which it shares many similarities. It's certainly not a bad game and if you are a follower of the genre, it's likely you'll get much enjoyment out of it. If you're merely interested in such games though, you might be better off with TT. This one plays out very much like its inspiration, and you're basically in control of a transport company and charged with building up a network of vehicles which serve the needs of the gameworld's society. This is a bit more limited in that there's not such an extensive range of vehicles to manipulate, with only trains and trucks available, which is a bit disappointing. This is slightly made up for by the deeper levels of strategy available, which for example require you to connect producers with consumers and to build factories or facilities to craft the items you want to sell. Other than this, Industry Giant is very much business as usual. It's got that familiar isometric viewpoint, which serves this style of game perfectly well and allows for a good level of detail and ease of movement around the map. The interface is fine also, and most features are easy to pick up and use. The game's economy is perhaps not quite as realistic or detailed as it could have been, but for someone who is interested in such games, this is a fine, if not entirely staggering, choice.

Nice try, not good enough

Instead of dealing with a certain industry or business, this game deals with the business system in whole. But, better to concentrate on one field wholly instead on the whole, but partially and faulthy. This is what this game did. In trying to create one big business management game, irrelevant of business type, it came out as a half-assed game that gets nothing done right. Sure, there is a lot to do, a lot to take care of, but nothing is detailed and interesting enough. A lot similar to Transport Tycoon with it's interface and appearance, it's different from it because it's not about transport, but production, although transportation building is an element that is present. When you build a factory, you can choose the product it will be producing, and the rest is history. The game as a whole is poor, incomplete and lacking in both the fun and intruige a game of this capacity should have. I say you just skip it and play Transport Tycoon or Capitalism, another game this one took elements from.

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