I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Cyberdreams Science Fiction Horror Point and click


I must be very careful when I'm writing about this game, because it is a fragile, intense experience, very easy to misrepresent. It's a bit of a one of a kind thing, really, and if I could, I'd install it on your hard drive, get any other activities you might be going for at the moment and just, you know let you play it! Alright, don't get creeped out, I'm not a house breaker, but, like I said, this game is so worth played. Now, the fact that it was built to kind of make a point about a short story with the same name, hmm, who knows if that will entice you, some just don't like to read, and furthermore, some don't like to read speculative fiction. Well, maybe if I tell you of the story you might kind of become interested in it. Because at this level, this game is a dystopia, as the universe in which the game takes place is a future where the human society is almost extinct. So, humans have to do the best to survive, but their worst fear isn't starvation or pollution, but, instead, this mad AI computer intelligence, that wants them all dead! Yap, it's GlaDOS but applied to the entire human race! Interactivity and game style wise it's a point and click adventure, and, given what I've told you up to this point, I'm pretty sure you must have guessed that it's a bit of a horror game as well, though, that kind of horror game that is a very special kind of creepy... Heck, you know what? If you love any of the following games, do try Have No Mouth And I Must Scream and you will not regret it: Portal, the System Shock series, Sanitarium, Scratches, Fallout, The Longest Journey, Planescape Torment etc., etc., If any of these holds any significance to you, then you have no good excuse for not trying Have No Mouth And I Must Scream!

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