Legacy - Realms Of Terror, The

Adventure 1992 Dos Microprose Horror Role playing Fpp

Mix of adventure and horror

It is a horror adventure game with some great RPG elements of gameplay. The plot here is that your ancestor have been performing black magic stuff and they have left you with a castle. Now your inheritance is in danger as it has been invaded by some evil creatures, monsters and demons and is filled with black magic. So your resolve is to explore the mansion and find a way to get rid of the evil. The game starts with an adventure like theme and turns into a horror theme where you come across demons and creatures, the spell casting features in the game are very good and it has a very good A1. The inventory base obstacles and mystery solving elements in the game have also been incorporated quite well and the gameplay is really engaging from the very beginning. The graphics are normal and good enough to explore the adventure elements. You will counter many secret items and paths in this adventure which makes the game more and more interesting. The level designs at every level are quite distinct from each other and the game has a very good user interface. I would rate it very high along with another adventure classic, Clock Tower.

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