Chichén Itzá

Adventure 1992 Dos Aventuras AD First person Multimedia novel

Don't waste your time

This is the third part in a bold trilogy of Spanish text and graphics adventures, similar to The Pawn or Guild of Thieves but while the original, La Diosa de Cozumel, is a pretty decent little game, this one is fairly disastrous. Your Spanish skills obviously need to be up to scratch to play it but even if they are, you'll probably want to skip this and find something better to do. The story on display is at least a little interesting, and is quite original stuff, finding players exploring ruined temples, solving mysteries and ultimately travelling from hell to heaven as they try to free a captured god. The whole thing is played out in similar fashion to many of Infocom's adventures, and makes use of a decent interface which allows you to string together commands and other such fancy things. The text descriptions are also accompanied by some still images which add some extra atmosphere to proceedings. If you have played the previous two games in the series, then you will notice a similar drop in quality as between the first and the second. While the setup is intriguing, the whole thing is let down by its awkward and frustrating interface and puzzles which are illogical in the extreme and which rapidly suck the fun out of exploring. While the visuals do add some flavour to the game, being sort of charming in a grainy, old-school kind of way, they aren't really enough to get around the fact that playing the game simply isn't enjoyable. It's a shame really as this could have been a great way to end what started out as an intriguing series but unfortunately, it turns out to be a wasted trip.

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