Passengers on The Wind 2

Adventure 1990 Dos Infogrames First person Multimedia novel

18th century romance adventure

Quite a forgotten genre, this brand of visual novel game, but nevertheless, when you're done with police stories, with alien invasions and with edgy Sci Fi, this too can make a great past time! In this game, you will guide your protagonist in a setting pertaining to the 18th century on a vacation. But instead of navigating some weird anomalous catastrophe, you try to navigate them through a series of puzzly situations that have to do with the heart more than with any other part of the body. Therefore, Passengers on The Wind 2 which continues the story of Passengers on the Wind is a relatively sedated game, but that will not impede your satisfaction. Granted, the question is: is the story better than any of the flappy back romance novels out there? Well, I'd argue that yes, it sure is within that range, with a few bits and pieces that might feel a little less... excoriating. But nonetheless, the meat and bone is that one surely, the troubles of the heart. Lovely minimalistic and heavily pixelated graphics, but this only adds to the value of the game in my view, and so I'd say, if you feel like romance of a lenient kind, go for this one. It's a good blend.

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