The Hunt for Red October

Simulation 1990 Dos Audio Visual Magic Naval

Action sequences game; be Bond!

The Hunt for Red October is a game that retells the story of the eponymous Bond movie of the Sean Connery era, and the way it does it is through minigames; you get minigames where you jump out of helicopters, you get portions where you navigate a submersible trough narrow channels, you also get a map based portion, where you get the chance to choose where to head next. It's interesting and the fact that none of the minigames last too long, and that they are followed by some other, different minigame, keeps the whole experience fresh and interesting. There are even sidescrolling stages in this one, and overall, The Hunt for Red October is a cool adventure game, which, as the Bond movie, is more about the action than about high grade narratives or anything else. Sure, there is a whiff of story, but don't expect no exposition to take your breath away; all your base are belong to us is the level of the story, if you want! Else, for another Bond inspired game, check out for instance the well produced Quantum of Solace, a fun game, a thoroughly produced modern adventure and a fun to play adventure, that knows how to entertain!

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