Search for The Titanic

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Codesmiths Naval

Original but flawed underwater adventure

If you sometimes give up on modern games and their constant re-hashing of the same old ideas, then Search for the Titanic might be just what you are looking for. This highly original oceanographic sim might not be without its faults but its sheer distinctiveness makes it well worth seeking out. Players are thrust into the role of a would-be ocean explorer who has the ultimate dream of exploring the legendary wreck of the Titanic but who doesn't quite have the resources to get there just yet. Instead, you must first build up your reputation and finances by exploring other, less well known sunken vessels and everything from planning the dive, raising the funding and finding the right ship and crew must be carried out if you are to be successful. Once you have all your gear and team, you then have to plot a course to your intended destination and battle against the elements before starting the dive itself. This requires careful use of genuine navigational maps and equipment like sonar to explore the ocean depths and discover your prize. Search for the Titanic is certainly a bold attempt at doing something new and different. It is commendably detailed in the early stages and the sense of excitement is carefully built up as you pull all the elements together. Unfortunately, the diving section itself is not quite so comprehensive and turns out to be a bit of a bore. The presentation is again thorough but lacks visual appeal, being largely restricted to graphs and text which may put many players off. However, if you can get over the dated feel and lacklustre dive sections, there is some amusement to be found here, but check out Sea Rogue for a slightly better take on the concept.

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