Battle Stations

Simulation 1990 Dos Maitai Entertainment Naval

Action stations!

Also going by the name of USS John Young, Battle Stations is a pretty cool little slice of naval strategy/action which is well worth a look if you are into such things. The game thrusts players into the turmoil of an imaginary Persian Gulf scenario that finds Iranian, Iraqi and US forces coming to conflict and it's up to you to return calm to the region. As the Captain of the USS John Young, it's your job to deploy your forces and organise the engagements in the best possible way to ensure peace, and this is carried out via a mix of action and strategy elements. There's a reasonable mix of mission types to engage in here, with everything from submarine hunting, to seek and destroy tasks and convoy protection duties on offer and these are varied enough to keep your interest for the most part. You have access to all the usual parts of the ship, such as the radar room, the bridge and the tactical room, where you must use your resources in the most appropriate fashion and plan your attacks wisely. If you are a fan of maritime games like Aces of the Deep and the like, then you should find this to be up your alley. The visuals are quite pleasing, with a nice level of detail and some atmospheric environments, while the use of colour is bold and attractive. The controls system is pretty intuitive and shouldn't take too long to get to grips with. The main gameplay is quite varied, with missions providing plenty of depth and strategic options as well as a high level of challenge, even for hardened veterans. Check out the sequel too, USS John Young 2, for more of the same fun, arcade-style action.

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