Das Boot

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Artech Naval

Still playable but dated U boat sim

In Das Boot you will get to engage in some interesting though graphically shoddy fights between your submarine and an incessant fleet of boats, air carriers, fighters, delivered and so on. Your two main weapons are stealth and your trusted torpedoes. In terms of the types of missions you can get to choose from, there is relatively enough variety, but, overall, you cannot expect too much. The kind of missions that you will engage in will take a lot of patience, as you hunt and locate your next target, while making use of the sonar and periscope with caution as it can give your enemy a hint of your position. Graphically, the interfaces with which you will work mostly, the sonar and the periscope look their age. The game was released in 1990, and thus, too much glitter and spark in not in the cards with this one. But, functionality wise, you can trust to have an ok experience. Sure enough, there are better games in the genre, though released a lot if time after this one, and so, you will need to consider this game carefully before trying it out because it can feel a little too dated and very soon after you install it.

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