688 Attack Submarine

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Naval

Running silent, running deep

There are chopper simulations, tank simulations and jet simulations, and there are also submarine simulation, like this one. 688 Attack Sub is considered an early classic of the genre for its credible representation of how controlling a submarine should really look like. You get to choose either the American Los Angeles class or the Soviet Alfa class nuclear powered attack submarine and play in 10 missions in a hypothetical global conflict. The game is not that action pumped like other sim games (such as Team Yankee) and controlling the sub need a throrough reading of the user manual, but once you handle the controls which are very easy and start silently sneaking through the vast watters, you'll be hooked like a fish. Having to be silent and unnoticable gets your adrenaline up even more than shooting and sinking the enemy subs. What is great for todays players is that the game can be played with the mouse entirely, avoiding complicated keyboard controls. The graphics department is also very good and detailed but definitely could be better. There is no sound to the game, only blips and other computer generated sounds (like old 52kb modems) so that is another downside. Fortunately, the great gameplay and authenticity cover up for those minor setbacks. In any case, this is a really good sub simulation for all old game fans.

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