Armored Fist 2

Simulation 1997 Dos Dosbox NovaLogic Tank sim Military Shooter

A serious though derivative tank sim from Novalogic

Novalogic extended its grasp on all things simulation on the modern battlefield. Delta Force looked at combat from the point of view of human combatants, Comanche focused on the role of helicopters on the field of battle, while the Armored Fist series put you in the cockpit of combat tanks. As with most other games from Novalogic, this too uses voxel graphics, which meant a deeper field of view for the game as well as a much more detail in the near proximity of the camera. But, regardless of the good graphics, the way the game played was really a step in the right direction for the series. You will be put in the shoes of a tank commander while at the same time having access to a detailed map of your environment. Each mission will have its own objectives and you will have to play the game with care not to be spotted and also with a high regard for precision when it comes to hitting your targets. The game, unfortunately isn't as varied as the Delta Force series and the campaign will feel a little too brief as well as derivative. But, to a point this was to be expected, given that the role of the tank in a real combat scenario is limited to a relatively small number of mission types. However, for a tank simulation aficionado, this can prove to be a good title, if for some reason the recent World of Tanks franchise is not an option

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