Impossible Creatures

Strategy 2003 Windows Nordic Games Real time Sci fi

Send your creatures to war

Hailing from the same developer as Dawn of War and Company of Heroes, this is a delightfully bonkers RTS that is worth picking up just for its sheer strangeness. It's looking a little dated now, but if you can get past this, you'll find an enjoyable and original experience. The game is set in a fantastic 1930s-style world that sees you taking on an evil genius as you try to stop his plans for world domination. And your weapons in this task? Not tanks or super soldiers, but creatures and mutant monsters that you must create by combining animals in an almost infinite selection, and which offers a massive amount of customization and depth. Much of the gameplay is familiar stuff from other RTS games, with its mix of mining and gathering resources and creating buildings and units, but it's in this last aspect where the game really scores. You have a wide range of different animals to choose from, flying, land and sea-based, and you can combine them pretty much how you want to, which is where the fun really starts and there's a lot of entertainment to be had by coming up with crazy combos. Impossible Creatures really is well worth adding to any RTS collection. The base gameplay might be all that different to other games, but the unique ability to create your own units really sets it apart from other titles. The visuals are pretty simple stuff, but still manage to pack in a good amount of personality, but it's in the gameplay that it really shines. The elements are all blended together well, with a good interface and solid controls, and overall, it makes for a fun time.

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