Computer Acquire

Strategy 1991 Dos Avalon Hill Board games Business

A digitization of Acquire – the board game

Acquire, the board game is a grid based economic game, onto which, each round one of the 6 (maximum number players) will take a stand and will move a tile. The ultimate goal of the game is that of building a hotel chain, through the acquisition of hotel and other property on the board. Similar to a game of Monopoly, the players also have to have a bit of luck as some aspects of the game are governed by the luck of the dice. However, the best strategist, the one that is capable of both maintaining a proper balance of cash on hand and the most properties, will be the one that will be able to get the most individual hotels and finally win. From there, for each hotel chain each player receives a share of that hotel's stock, and the more stocks a chain has, the more its value increases. So, in a way, Computer Acquire is an economic simulation game delivered as a board game. It might not suit everyone, as it is built on ASCII graphics, but it is true to the original boardgame in many ways, so worth looking into.

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