International Ninja Rabbits

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Villa Crespo Software Third Person

Uninteresting, too cold and empty sidescroller

International Ninja Rabbit is a rather poor and uninteresting adventure/sidescroller game, that is budgety, uninteresting, lacks polish, diversity or any drive to see it past the few start missions The problem is that you can see from the very first moments that nobody cared about this one. The levels are oh so repetitive, almost devoid of any personality. You just go from left to right, at times with no challegne for minutes. Not a lot going on, for a few breeders, would have been alright, but this one is like that for the long haul. So, it just doesn't make too much sense to play it for extended periods. Rather, give Ninja Rabbits a go at least that one does a good job, thoroughly and doesn't lack polish or in production value. International Ninja Rabbit is a weird, uninspired game, maybe even unfinished, the kind that might only play well only if you just don't care. And, heck, since you're looking for retro games, I'm sure you do have some expectations. Bleak is just not something to look for in an oldie title!

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