Ninja Rabbits

Action 1991 Dos Microvalue Oriental Beat em up

Smack the rabbits beat them up!

Ninja Rabbits is a small and not too sophisticated beat them up in which you will play as a bipedal, martial arts expert rabbit! Yap, that is your premise right there! The game however is pretty simple and repetitive and not in a nice, player oriented way. Nope, what the game offers is much alike the name of the company that produced it – Microvalue, nothing too enticing but wacky enough to deserve a go. Ninja Rabbits is also a game that makes things simple, at least in the beginning. One hit, one kill, probably because the developers thought that this is how you teach the basics to the players. But, I bet few people will actually get past this introduction, which feels so cheap and so undesirable. At any rate, what you might have fun doing is playing the game just for the sheer fun of seeing a rabid rabbit punch other rabbits while wearing a sensei grade outfit. But other than that you don't get too much value out of it. So, yeah, both Ninja Rabbits as well as its sequel, Ninja Rabbits Returns (spot the grammar error!) are bland to say the least, but for some reason they are remembered by some gamers simply because of the sheer weirdness of the games. Try them out just for the fun of punching rabbits but don't expect a long shell life for these!

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