Ranger Fox

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Soft Action Science Fiction Third Person

Organic, relatively slow but fun

Ranger Fox is a side scroller shooter, which will take you through some really interesting and weird, organic in terms of graphic theme, left to right tracks, where you will be in for quite a bit of shooting, dodging and collecting of upgrades. The game reminded me mostly of this Nokia dumb phone game I used to play a lot, where you'd be piloting a submersible through all sort of aquatic landscapes, and, in doing that, you'd get quite a few instances of wow! As that one game, this one has intermediate bosses, has all sort of enemy formations, all sort of weapons and also, a host of cool looking backgrounds. It is never stated that you are underwater, but the predominant use of a blue tinge surrounding everything (or most everything) would suggest so. At any rate, Ranger Fox is as good a game as they come, well polished, well produced, and well suited for all sort of things. At any rate, Ranger Fox is a good sidescroller shooter, really engaging and will have a few (moderate, if you've played a lot of these games!) cool moments where you will surely smile. Does it take down R Type, though? No, not really, but what it does is create an engaging game of its own and with its own feel. So give it a go.

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