International Rally Championship

Racing 1997 Windows Europress Design Tool Rally

A fun and great looking rally game

Brought to us by Europress, International Rally Championship is a the fourth addition to the Rally Championship series and is one of the better one. Concentrating on the international rather than local chamionship, the game lets you play 16 tracks from all over the world with a wide selection of rally cars, nine of them. The game view is from outside of the car, something which true racing fans might consider a bad thing but I personally don't mind a bit. You have six different modes in the game : Fast Rally, Championship, Arcade, Simulation, Individual and Time Trial. The Individual mode lets you play a custom race, with you deciding the weather conditions and number of racers. The game is very true to the actual racing game and very exciting and fun to play. The visuals are really great, with great detail given to the car design, tracks and the game surroundings. The soundtrack is also great, a trance song wich pumps your excitement even more and makes the gameplay even better. Overall, here we have a very nice and fun rally racing game that shouldn't be missed out, and you even might want to check out the game's prequel, Network Q RAC Rally Championship.

Motosport competitions

Here the classic International Rally Championship reflects the thrilling adventure of motosport competitions with its unique tracks, set in different countries and different seasonal baackgrounds, and its multitude of car brands waiting for you to choose! Experience now, again, the true atmosphere of rally championships!

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