Sega Rally 2 Championship

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You want snow with that track?

SR2 is a a great rally racing game that is far better than its first original version, both in terms of graphics and quality of gameplay and I loved every minute of it. This is one of those clean-cut "get to the finish line first" games that doesn't have special weapons or moves to make your driving better - it's gonna be all you and your driving skills! There are really plenty of cars to choose from and the tracks are fantastically designed. Pick your environment - muddy, snowy or desert - and then choose your track. The game is very intense and challenging - I guarantee that you will have a hard time winning the game. That said, the game is even more fun for it! I really have to commend the fantastic 3D graphics - for a 1999 game, I think that the graphics are way beyond its time. The fabulous soundtrack and sound effects make the gaming experience so much better. All in all - the game is perfect and is one of the best racing games of the time, without any exaggeration. Truly a gem.

Extraordinary race

Sega Rally Champ 2 in one of greatest rally video game I have ever played. While my favorite game in the genre is Colin McRae Rally 2, Sega Rally just took it over. The gameplay is solid, there's a great variety of tracks and cars and let's not forget the awesome soundtrack. Much like in its predecessor, the objective is to run a faster time than the other drivers in order to win. There's a more variety of track environments, like muddy and snowy, and each environment has its share of tracks. The car roster has been upgraded as well.

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