Network Q RAC Rally Championship

Racing 1996 Dos Dosbox Europress Rally Driving

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Let's go Mr. Driver!

Anyone who's into rally driving in real life or just enjoys good rally games like Colin McRae Rally or SEGA Rally should probably check out this addition to the genre. It's perhaps not quite as good as some of the later efforts into this style of racing game, but it's a solid enough effort which provides some decent thrills and spills. There's nothing staggeringly unusual about the game, but it's always tough to innovate in such a genre, and it simply does a good job of recreating the famous British rallying scene. As you would expect, the main focus of the game is on the championship itself, and you've got a choice of six real world rally cars, each with different handling and other characteristics, before you set out into the dirty world of racing. There are twenty eight tracks to race on here, each of which are based on real world tracks as found in the original race, and they each represent various types of terrain. You'll also find changing weather conditions to add to the challenge, but mostly this is about racing as hard and fast as you can. This isn't perhaps the easiest racing game to get to grips with, particularly if you've never tried a rally game before, and the controls takes some getting used to, so expect to be sliding around a bit before you get the hand of things. Once you've got things nailed though, this is a fun little sim that provides most of what you'd expect. There's a good sense of speed here, and it gets genuinely exciting taking on your opponents and moving up the field, and which is aided by the decent if slightly aging graphics. There's not much in the way of options but apart from this, this makes for an entertaining time.

Superb, with no glitches

Here you got the sequel to Network Q RAC Rally racing game. The main attraction of this game remains the Championship mode, where you can choose to play the following cars: Subaru, Ford, Renault, Skoda, Volkswagen, Proton... . In this stage, you don't have to compete with other cars, you just have to finish the race having the best time score. The controls only imply going forward, left or right, with no handbrakes, but you can choose your car view during races. The visuals are realistic, even superb I can say, and the background consists in forests, mountains and beautiful panoramas, and the variety stays in driving on gravel, mud, on tarred surface, while the weather forecast is rainy or snowy. I was thrilled by the fact I could handle my vehicle as I do in real life, so this is a very important aspect that will maintain your joy and interest into playing this extremely good game. Nothing will affect the smoothness of your driving, and that is why I can't find any technical damage or glitch to talk about. So I will end my review by recommending it to all the rally enthusiasts.

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