Rally Championship Xtreme

Racing 2001 Windows Actualize Rally

An updated version of Rally Championship

If you loved the cut throat nature of Rally Championship (especially if you were geared towards winning the game no matter what!) you will find this xtreme edition even more enticing, as it brings more tracks, more cars and another mode of playing as well. I'm not sure if it's just my imagination or this is actually truthful, but it also seems that the game has been enhanced when it comes to vehicles destruction, as in this one you can really crease your car good! Anyway, in terms of actual feel, this is just as fun as its older brother, but as I said, it's got more of everything. If you love dirt track racing this one will offer you a joyous experience. Compared to Richard Burns Rally I'd say it is easier to control, without going into the nasty zone of undesirable lack of finesse of controls and general arcadeishness. (Yep, I've just invented that word!) Nope, it's as inclined towards simulation as you'd want it without being too complicated to control or requiring extra training. In other words it's a simulator, but a fun, sort of lite version. At any rate, worth playing, without question.

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