International Soccer

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Graphics aer good but the controls are not

The game is close to the exciting Sensible Soccer in terms of the very alluring and inviting graphics that it has but lacks in terms of some of the other features. First of all, the game has a very realistic and inviting feel in terms of the grounds and the surrounding features of the stadiums. The music of the game and the roar in the crowd also makes it very appealing. The feature that makes the game lack behind is the fact the gameplay is not god at all because of the controls. The computer will automatically choose the player that is near to the ball and it is not effective in doing so. The players on your team which revolve around your main player having the ball run foolishly and the opponent team players always get to the ball first. Now this has really been a major flaw with this game and is something you will have to compromise with. Apart from that, the game is good enough to keep you interested and that is mainly due to the very good graphics that it has. No flaw is present in the Sensible World of Soccer and is a way better option.

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