International Tennis Open

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Philips Interactive Racket

Sim tennis game with great graphics

For a game released in 1992, this tennis sim (with an arcade-like AI) title is not half bad. Having been released on the Philips CD-I console initially, the game made use of the extra storage space by including video of the 1991 Tennis Cup, and so, some DOS versions will be brimful of extras. But, the actual game is not a revelation, neither an extraordinary jumps in graphics for the era. Nevertheless, the game has decent player animations, the ball movements can be seen without issues and, the more you play, the better your reactions to player positioning will be. This is without a doubt a good plus of the game. The AI does model the degree of accuracy of players based on their last intercepted ball, so if you mange to put your adversary in the corner with a good exchange of tiring balls, the chances for him to make a mistake are much higher. Of course, the same applies to your player, so it is best to play aggressively and to try to end each match as quick as possible. On the minus side, there aren't many differences between players, so once you've experienced an opponent, you will have experienced them all. But still, the game plays well, the controls are simple and the game manages to take into consideration very important tennis elements that really elevate this title from a mindless host of arcade only titles.

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