Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox Katz Media Vertical shooter Cartoon

A classic vertical shooter

It is an arcade style vertical shooter game which has all the elements to bring the thrill and fun to your screen. Starting with the plot in this game, you will be playing as lynx who is on the mission to take down some evil humans who are about to spread chaos and destruction on earth. So shoot them up and save the earth is the theme here but it has been spread on a very vast canvas of 23 different levels which are both unique and non-repetitive. The shooting action in the game is not just all out shooting as you will find some very interesting and funny cut scenes during different levels. The graphics in the game are better than most shooter games in the genre but still need improvement. The interesting action and the smooth shooting sequences makes it very cool. The variety of the weapons in the game are not diverse but the ones that you have can be easily controlled and well used with both keyboard and the joystick. The background set up at every level is very good and the animations are classic. So you have a fair deal of action and variety like you have seen in games like Gradius.

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