Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox SEGA Vertical shooter Cartoon

CGA SEGA vertical shooter

If you've ever played Zaxxon and wondered if there are any games that look and play in the same vein, well, the answer to that question is positive, and a good game that plays similarly to that one is Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom. The game is a vertical shooter, combining 2D graphics in such a manner as to simulate what could be described as a first person or third person experience. At any rate, in two minutes of play you will get used to the slightly unusual perspective, for a vertical shooter, and you will get immersed into the fast action. You will also most likely have a knee jerk reaction to the colors on display, which are a timeless DOS staple of the CGA era: magentas and faded blues! But, that won't stop you from actually having a lot of fun with this game, as it truly does a great job at keeping you entertained. Also, it sports a well done control setup, simple, efficient and immediately responsive. For vertical shooter fans it definitely is worth looking into, as an alright, elegant game, though not as well produced as it could have been

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