Age of Mythology

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New Age in RTS Games

This is an interesting spin on the Age of Empires formula. Instead of taking historical periods and civilizations, the developers turned to mythology. The three different forces in the conflict are the ancient Greeks, specifically the Atanteans, the Vikings, and ancient Egyptians. Each side has the basic forces necessary for a basic real-time strategy game. Then there are the mythological units like Anubis, Dark Elves, Frost Giants, Cyclops, Colossi, Manticores, Hippocampus, and more. Each different civilization and god worshiped will drastically alter your play style, even more than the previous Age of Empires games. The story plays out like some kind of lost tale from Homer. It touches on the Trojan war, hero units like Ajax appear, and the odyssey passes through Egypt and eventually the viking territory. I never finished the single-player game, but I wish I had that opportunity again. I was young and new to RTS games (without cheating). The multi-player and skirmish modes are rich enough to provide endless replayability. It's a solid game, a different experience than Command and Conquer or Starcraft, the giants of the RTS genre, and will run on a wide range of hardware.

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