Robot Rascals

Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Ozark Softscape Top down Strategic scope

A combination of physical card game with the digital aid

Robot Rascals is a very complex game, it has a card game (you need the actual physical cards) portion, it has a top down board game element (also you need the physical copy of it) with a digital game, that helps these two real world elements blend together. The game, was first released for the Apple][, and so, it has that graphical build that was familiar for the system. It's played in turns, as you'd imagine, and for the most part is is very easy to learn, but it gets fairly complicated. The strategy is to use your steal cards and your swap cards when they are mostly needed, but since they come in short amounts, you have to choose your moment carefully, when it is best to do so, following the in-game rules. There is also a root battle game going on, in the computer game, so, at the end, the best player will be the one that has won the robot (computer game) fight, which, as I said, depends on your boardgame and card game playing. A better, digital game only with a similar style is Robot Battle, a robot strategy game, classic in design and build.

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