Einstein Jr. Classroom

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Dinosoft Brainteaser Education Math or logic

A thorough sciences edutainment title; 20 minigames

Einstein Jr. Classroom is a very thorough edutainment title, that offers you minigames that will teach you math, physics, biology, chemistry, geography as well as history. Most of the minigames are quiz based, asking questions and allowing you to answer. It has a school class-room vibe that works pretty well with the matter at hand, and is also pretty sweet. The designated target of the game is grade one students, and the game aids parents in helping play the game by having a comprehensive special tutorial, that explain some of the concepts of the game, of each minigame, so that you can help the little ones play through without having to waste a lot of time looking for solutions. Skill development is great in this one, as you will learn to read maps, learn geometry, numeracy and so on, being a lot more fit to learn in class or on your own. A great concept, well produced, with alright DOS 8bit graphics; similarly, download Super Solvers: Treasure MathStorm, an edutainment title focused on math.

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