Off To Europe

Puzzle 1992 Dos Education

European Union (of all things!) promo game

This has got to be the weirdest trajectory a promo material in the form of a game had ever come to traverse! It was requested and funded by the Bonn Foreign Affairs Bureau, and was meant to familiarize players with the European currency, the Euro, a thing that it did in a very typical and topical manner, by offering a simple game of maze. But, dressing that main core gameplay is a metagame of going all over Europe and getting to spend your starting money (600ECU). Your virtual traveling will take you from one European capital to the other, but don't expect no actual sightseeing or eye candy. Nope, it's all done top down, from map to map. In each capital you get to play the core game, a version of Pac Man, which, for all intents and purposes, is pretty nifty and well done. At any rate, in a way, I guess it accomplishes the goal of making you acquainted with Euro Dollars, so, even today, maybe, it might have some edutainment value, in a weird way! But if you're looking for genuine edutainment, any title from the Super Solvers series will be a better option. So, anyway, try it for the novelty, but don't hope for too much.

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