Iron Lord

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox UBI Soft First person Strategic scope

Good action and exciting adventure

It is a classic RPG game with shades of adventure and a lot of action. The plot in the game is that you were long gone from your ancestral land on an unknown quest. As you have returned now, you find destruction and chaos is about to prevail as the land is about to be attacked by an army. Because of your absence, you have lost recognition with your people and now need to win their hearts and respect so that you can gather a large army for fighting the enemies. For this purpose you will explore your land and will go from place to place and take part in competitions. Similarly you will also have to interact with people to urge them to fight for their land. Coming towards the features in the game, the game has a very good 3D combat view which calls for some exciting sequences and great action. The world to explore in this game is very diverse and you will counter a variety of different scenarios at every step. The level designs are pretty diversified with lots of things to do and explore. The user interface in the game is top notch and the controls have been calibrated perfectly with the gameplay. Mission Maze will be a good second option after you have played this exciting game.

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