Ironman Offroad Racing

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Short-lived but fun driving game

This arcade-style racer is highly reminiscent of Super Sprint and other classic driving games, and while it is certainly fun for a while, its lack of depth or sophistication soon become apparent and the enjoyment dries out pretty quickly. While it lasts however, it's a cracking little game. The game takes an isometric viewpoint and while some may find this odd, it actually works pretty well as it does allow the whole track to be visible at all times. Racers are pitted against several competitors and must take to their off-road trucks in a series of increasingly difficult courses, with the overall aim of earning the most amount of money in the season. In what was actually a highly innovative feature at the time, but is now fairly standard, trucks can be upgraded to improve their performance and while this is a nice feature, it doesn't really seem to add that much. There's not a lot else to the game and this lack of variety does hurt its appeal. While graphics are simple but pleasing, the sound is distinctly minimal, with a complete absence of effects. A bigger problem however, is the lack of tracks and their generally fairly average design. The game is suitably fast-paced, with a great sense of fun, but ultimately it's too thin to provide any lasting appeal. For better non-serious driving games, check out the Micro Machines series.

Good graphics, weird gameplay

This off-road racing game is very fun to play and enjoyable, but there are a few things that I really have to object on. Firstly, I really don't like the isometric, third person point of view of the game. While that decision is justified since that way you can see the whole track at once and since its an old game it would mean more work to make a top down view game or even a game that plays from the first person perspective, the game would be a lot better if that feature were installed. Next, there is almost no variety to the game. There are too few tracks and they are not that good in design and detail. What I can compliment the game on is the great graphics and animation. The game plays very smoothly and the graphics are clear and colorful. The gameplay is nice enough and I can't say I haven't had my share of fun, but I think that the game really could have been better. If you want a great offroad racing game, try Big Red Racing. You'll have a blast.

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