Big Red Racing

Racing 1995 Dos Dosbox Domark Humorous Arcade style

Get to the finish in one piece

This funny racing game is one of the most aggressive game I've ever seen. And probably one of the funniest, too. The goal is this - get to the finish in one piece. There will be a lot of bumping, jumping, throwing around, and all of this is fun as hell (kind of like Wacky Wheels). You have a wide selection of cars of all sizes and shapes, even a helicopter. Yes, you read that right. A helicopter. The vehicles you're driving might as well be tanks - you can turn in the air and fall on your back, jump from enormous heights, crash in other cars a million times, and get just a 10 percent damage. Yes, the game tells you how damaged your car is in percentages. You can play tracks both on Earth and the big red planet. The game has a really original and cool menu whilst graphically, the game is not so good, and the controls are a bit funny, but the game is real fun. Sometimes I play the game just to see how much can I hit my car in all kinds of way to stay in one piece! Get ready for some aggressive driving in two planets and try the multiplayer - fun is guaranteed!

Comical graphics are ok

An extremely fun game that while not terribly difficult was amazing experience multiplayer, generally easy catchup but also easy to knock opponents flying, made for a thrilling and sometimes frustrating final lap. Some shortcuts between check points if you were game as a wrong slip would make you do almost another lap sometimes. The comical graphics are ok but the gameplay is so much fun i still dig it out to use in DOSbox every now and then.

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