Racing 1988 Dos Montsoft Off road

Combination of sidescroller shooting and action with driving

Offroad is a nice arcader game, that combines two different gameplay styles; on one hand you have a sturdy, yet ultimately not too compelling sidescroller action portion, and, then, topping it all off, you have driving sequences, where, instead of aiming for the most speed or accuracy, you also get to do some damage. Now, compared to any other game or games that do any of the above independently, you will not put Offroad in a too good a light. However, if you compare it to other mashes of gameplay elements and combination games, I'd say Offroad can hold its own relatively well. No, it cannot really withstand comparison with a game such as Grand Theft Auto and emerge victorious, but, for its brand of direct, simple arcade, it is alright. So, with that in mind, play it if you feel like binging on an arcader combination, a game that offers you immediate rewards, but is ultimately just a cheap thrill ride. No, if you wanted an good off-road racer, download Offroad (2001), and if you wanted action sidescroller, better download RoboCop, from Ocean, both these games are a great combination of elements you can find, none too polished in Offroad.

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