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Unspectacular rally sim

If you're looking for a straightforward piece of high octane driving action, then this down and dirty rally sim could be just what you're looking for. It's more akin to something like SEGA Rally than the more involved Colin McRae Rally series but for out and out arcade fun, this is a safe bet. Players get to participate in the legendary British rally competition, taking to the wheel of one of five cars, including the Subaru Impreza, Toyota Subara and Ford Escort and hitting the dirt across a variety of tracks. There's only one mode of play on display here, the basic rally mode, which is disappointing but is a sign of the times of the game's release and isn't a major issue. The tracks to race around are pretty decent, with a good mix of styles and environment types that keep you guessing and provide their own challenges in terms of driving skill. The cars too feel genuinely different so there is some replay value to be had by trying them all out and finding your favourite. However, there is a lack of customisation options, with only the tyres capable of being changed, which will again disappoint fans looking for more detail. The driving physics are fairly simple and lacking in the realism of later driving efforts, giving this more of an arcade feel than a sim, but the damage modelling is slightly better and it is possible to destroy your car before the finish line, so caution is required. Visually, the game is simple rather than spectacular but at least it licks along at a fair old pace, giving a good sensation of speed and excitement. Ultimately, this is a straightforward enough racer that lacks variety and options but which nevertheless provides some solid driving thrills for undemanding rally fans.

A Fantastic and worth trying racing simulation

This game is an excellent and well drafted simulation of a racing game which has been more focused towards simulation and is not some arcade style racing. This racing game involves a rally and has many features which are not normally found in this genre. Though many racing game lovers are not good at rally but this game has been designed to support some fantastic control over the cars which enables swift and well controlled racing. The graphics which have been incorporated here are a good combination of innovation and some realistic themes which have been taken from the real world of car racing. The game has only one mode which is the rally mode and signifies towards the lack of variety but you do have 5 cars to select from. The music is well tuned and supports the format of this rally game. Though a lot lacks in term of the variety but the gameplay is very thrilling and good enough to make it a decent racing game. You can find many games that are similar to it and one of them is Sega Rally 2. So I would rate it as pretty nice game.

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