Isle Of The Dead

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Merit Studios Shooter

A bloody good shooter/hack and slasher!

There was a time when the term first person shooter wasn't as widely used to describe games that were played, evidently, from a first person perspective where your main activity was a destructive one, mainly based around targeting enemies. But that is what your main goal will be in this one game, wreak as much havoc as possible, while at the same time avoiding civilian deaths. But why did I just mention that bit about shooters not being known under that term? Well, because, while shooting is front and center in this one game, there are also a few other activities that this game will have you do: one of them is the activity of hacking and slashing, which is close combat melee style, though not as frequently, the game has this going for itself as well. Graphically you'll be reminded of the later days of arcade gaming in 3D, which, for me is really nice, but for you it might be a kitsch infused trip back in time! But hey, for what it's worth it works great, and it serves the game as good as you can hope to. Well, when you're tired of your oldie Serious Sam, this can be a good game to keep the first person experience going.

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