Operation Body Count

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Capstone Shooter

Dull at times but with neat features

Operation Body Count is a 1994 action game, developed by Capstone, that puts all the shooter fans in the shoes of a member of the nation's Elite Force. You are highly trained to eliminate the terrorists and other threats in a professional way. This game uses the engine of a mid 90s masterpiece. Even if a following to this game doesn't exist, you may consider this great FPS released in the same year and this another Capstone production. Those that like the real action where the cruelty and violence dominate, this game is perfect for them, as it mostly relies on these aspects, rather than on the gameplay. You will encounter strange enemies that will attack you with electricity if you get close, but some of them are dull and a bit disorganized. The terrorists aren't that original, since all of them adopt the same tactics when they are shooting. You will also kill rats and other enemies covered in slime. As for the weapons, you will use shotguns, you will burn up the attackers with flame throwers, and you will annihilate the threats in a more superior way with two machine guns : Uzi and Galil. I advice you that you will turn off the sounds and music, because they are uninteresting and not quite worth listening to. However, despite its flaws, I recommend this game for its neat features.

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