Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Motivetime Shooter

Shooter alike Doom, with a rock and roll hero

Virtuoso is the poorer version of Duke Nukem. It features a character that is also prone to manly one liners, but, unfortunately, the core gameplay is not as enticing as with, say Duke Nukem 3D. But, for what is worth, for a budget game released in the middle of the 90s, it packs enough to keep you interested at least for a couple of levels. The graphics are ok, jaggedy just enough and with designs for the levels which at time might surprise you. However, in the general mess that the game is most of the time, you are never too close to boredom or frustration. At times you will get lost, at times the game might throw a game killing glitch at you, at times you will simply have had enough of the same old mindless shooting corridor sequences. At least there are lots of enemies to shoot at, though not diverse enough. So, bottom line, while this will not feel like the worst shooter you will play, it manages to never go above a certain, very low line, unfortunately. But, for a couple of levels, if you do not want too much excitement or variety, it will fill the time.

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