Nerves of Steel

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Merit Studios Shooter

Poor FPS game

It is a first person shooter game that has nothing to offer to the gamers. The plot though sounds interesting but the execution of it has made the game a great failure. Your role is basically that of a mercenary or a great fighting mortal who is sent on a mission to protect the world from the agenda of an evil man. Talking about the graphics in it, they are very awful and displeasing for the eye because the color scheme is very glary and mostly uses red. There is not much in terms of the action or the level designs because you have simple and repetitive levels. The enemies or the monsters in the game are very easy to kill and the killing requires no strategy. It's just move and kill stuff which can be done even by children who have never played FPS games. It has no replay value because once you start it, you lose your interest immediately because of the lack of diversity, good graphics and very easy action. The controls are though smooth but that does not matter because the gameplay is quite poor. Eradicator would be a far far better option in my opinion.

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