Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow Anthology

Simulation 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Flight Helicopter Military flight

Action all the way

This compilation of helicopter combat sims is a classic one which needs to be in the collection of any serious genre fan. It combines the original Longbow, the mission disk Flashpoint Korea and the sequel Longbow 2 all in one superb value package, so if you like games like Gunship, then this is for you. The first game puts you in the cockpit of the titular combat chopper and sends you into multiple campaigns which will test your flying skills and your command abilities as you get to issue orders to your wingmen while taking on the Soviet bad guys. The Korea add on gives you more options, with a new campaign set in the hypothetical second Korean War, as well as allowing you to jump into the gunner's seat along with a few tweaks. The sequel offers more choppers to fly, while the campaign features dynamic missions which alter depending on your actions, and the improved technology allows for more realistic and detailed battlefields which feature more action on the ground as the enemy reacts to your actions. For anyone who loves a good flight sim, this is a great package. The original game is showing its age a little but remains an intense and slick title, and is improved greatly by the Korean add on. The sequel is the real highlight though, thanks to the benefit of being released later, with much improved visuals and with the dynamic missions really making you feel like you're taking part in a full on conflict. The missions are varied and never less than exciting, so if you have any interest in flight sims, check this out.

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