U.S. Navy Fighters

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Another nice flight sim

U.S. Navy fighters is a cool flight sim game that is actually more of an arcade than a true simulation, since it's realism is not as strong as in, say, F-14 or Tornado. There are 50 missions that you can play as single scenarios or in a campaign mode in a slightly modified version, and there is also an level editor include if you want to build your own missions. That said, the gameplay can be virtually endless and the replay value is very high. There are six different aircraft available, each with their own gadgets and flight behavior. While the game does have a slight arcade feel, the flight and weapons models are very realistic and you will have to fly well to do good. Don't be misguided that the game is easy - it's not. The AI is pretty well written, although predictable at times. The game's graphics are pretty high quality for that time with pretty smooth textures and nice coloring and the sound effects are very realistic, with an air trafic control of a sort in your speakers almost all the time, increasing the feel of realism. Although not spectacular, this is a decent flight sim game that will provide many of hours of good time.

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