Action 1997 Windows Monolith Cartoon Platformer

If the world was ruled by Cocker Spaniards!

So many original, though unknown gems hidden deep within the folds of forgotten floppy disks there are! Well, Claw is one of these greats that just didn't get any traction, though it's just as good if not just plain better than Sonic or Earthworm Jim or so many others! Well here's the deal, the world has evolved a little differently than we are used to, so much so that Cocker Spaniards are the dominant race on Earth. As such, you'll play a cat pirate captain (yap, you'll be the underdog, sic!) fighting for feline liberation and emancipation rights! Gameplay style Claw is all about platforming, which is delivered in incredibly fluid and yet organic animation sets, within backdrops that are lovingly drawn and very detailed. Nope, though, this isn't a 2D game, it's all 3D, but it's well done. Come to think maybe that was its undoing, that it didn't use an actual hand drawn world, but well, I guess you have to take it for what it is. And, maybe, in recent times, cheap looking animations in 3D engines have kind of undone our love for that style, but rest assured, this game's 14 huge levels are pretty detailed, and never get old. In terms of difficulty, I guess kids can play it as easily as anyone else, as long as they're used to a game being medium in difficulty at times. But yes, a playable, cartoony adventure, great story, great set of characters. Maybe OddWorld has something similar to offer, though that one can be strange and scary at times, whereas Claw is just sweet and lovely. I mean, you play a cat pirate, what else is there, really?! Hehehe!

A cat with a hat

Captain Claw was my favorite game when I was a child and, years later, I still like to play it once in a while, just for old times sake. This is a very fun and adventurous platform game involving Captain Claw, a cat armed only with a sword and a gun, on a mission to kill the final boss Omar. On your way you have to jump over pitfalls, dangle on ropes, climb trees and ladders and kill angry pirates that are trying to kill you almost every step of the way. Collect jewelery and coins to get points and powerups that give you extra speed, weapons powerups or invisibility. Every two levels there is a boss to fight, and there are secret passages that get you to bonus levels with as much gold as you can take until the time is out. The graphics are spectacular, the animation is great, and the sountracks is so good that it plays in my head even now, years after last playing the game. If you're up for a great adventure game, this is the one you should try. It doesn't get much better than this, trust me!

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