Jeopardy! 4th Edition

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The 4th generation of the trivia quiz show digitization!

This 4th installment in the Jeopardy series does some things well; one of those things is the graphics, which use still images that are as really photorealistic, a feat that might be enjoyed by some, while others may snide, maybe wanting the games to keep with the slightly cartoonish style of the older games. The other update, a consistent and, I think, a feature that everyone will find to their liking is the major update in the database of questions. You can now play for days without encountering duplicate questions, something that the older games didn't really match. The rest? Well, the interface, the question marquee and the graphics of that one look alright, not too fancy, not too original, like the ones that the show offered. There are still three question levels, and you can choose whichever you want to play. Yes, the rule set in unchanged. So, I guess, this one is worth for the update to the questions database. Alternatively, see this Wheel of Fortune game, for another take on trivia gaming.

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