Jeopardy! Junior Edition

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Irritating at times, but a nice game

Jeopardy! Junior Edition is the computerized version of the TV game show for younger players. There are allowed to play up to three players in the contest. But things are different. Instead of answering correctly to questions, the answers are given here and the contestants must provide the correct question. The first two rounds offer six categories of five answers each, and you start by choosing one of them. After the chosen answer is given, the first that hits his "buzzer" supplies the right question before the time expires. In the final round, the contestants will place a bet related to a new category (final question), depending on their winnings so far. When you are ready, the final answer is shown and all players offer their questions. In order to answer a question, you must move an icon across a grid of letters and punctuation marks, and spell out every single letter of an answer. This job will be tedious if the words are long, just so to know. So this is one of the things that will irritate most of you. So, the developers would have worked harder at the multiple choice system. Jeopardy! Junior Edition is a great game that is too easy, but not for anyone. I say this because we all know that nowadays teenagers prefer to stay on the internet than reading or cultivating themselves. So, this game will be difficult for those that aren't so acknowledged about the past culture. Those that aren't familiar with some dated information won't like this game for sure. It may have been successful in the past, but today I doubt it will be the same.

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